The Man That Invented The Sex Contract

March 22, 2018 @ 2:03 am


What do you get when you put a thoughtful, well-spoken anarchist together with Bell and a rag-tag crew of conversational cutthroats? A chaotic and fun conversation that covers sex contracts, the fall of the government, and killer animals. This episode starts with the guys all twisted up after having spoke with an anarchist and then gets into the conversation that left them that way.

The man to blame? Mr. Anarchy himself Daniel Wagner from the “Unframe of Mind” show joins the guys for a wacky conversation and to witness just how quickly the guys can forget everything he just taught them lol! Despite all that Daniel was still kind enough to hook you all up with his trusty sex contract for FREE! (you know you’re going to need’em). Link’s below as well as links on where you can find the man behind the contract.


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